Boy meets girl....well, not so fast.

First, their paths cross innumerable times - at college, at internship, in Hyderabad, at work - but somehow they never meet. Until one fine day, Lady Luck brings them together. Well, her and the internet.

Here begins a story with more Bollywood tropes than a KJo movie.

Want a list? Here goes...
Boy texts girl for the first time at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve? Check.

Girl has to overcome very many hardships (read: surprise unplanned visit from friends) before she decides to go out on that first date? Check.

Boy is tall, dark and handsome? "Check, check, check" says Preeti :)

They're head over heels in love? Check.

Foreign location shoot? Check.

Dancing in the desert (cue Suraj Hua Maddham)? Check.

An unexpected distaster strikes upon their wedding plans? (Does a global pandemic count?) Check.

Iss pichchar mein pyaar hai, parivar hai, romanch hai, masala hai, aur drama....bilkul nahi hai.

Dil thaamke rakhiye...coming soon on a livestream/tasting room near you!